You may know me for a number of reasons.

We could be in the same organisations, share common interests, or live close. This site may give you a wider perspective.
I have a family, but they are not mentioned here for privacy reasons. They are my strength, my pride, and my support.

  • The Sustainable Futures Report has been going now since 2007 with close on 500 episodes.

    I present a selection of interviews and general news relating to sustainability. My understanding is that our present course of polluting the planet and the atmosphere will make the earth uninhabitable for humanity, probably before the end of the century. The irreversible tipping points may come very much sooner - in as little as five years.

    Of course, climate science, any science, cannot be totally definitive and it may prove to be wrong. The question is whether we can afford to face the risk that it’s right. (For an interesting take on this question have a look at this video)

    With the podcast I aim to make people aware of the issues, to talk about technical solutions, to comment on government policies and actions, to monitor groups like XR and Just Stop Oil, and to work out how far we are progressing towards a truly sustainable future.

    I get requests for interviews from a wide range of people - many totally irrelevant, some expert and extremely knowledgeable. If you’re an expert I’m open to ideas, or if there’s a speaker you think I should invite or a topic I should research in more detail, then please get in touch

  • I’m a Toastmaster | I’m a Speaker

    I’ve done a number of commercial presentations and spoken at several schools on the topic of sustainability and climate change.
    It’s been quiet since the pandemic, although the issue is still of paramount importance. Here’s one I did recently

    If you would like me to speak at an event for you then please get in touch.
  • My “Will Climate Change your Life?” was published in 2007. It is so out of date.
    I also co-wrote and edited “The Business Detective’s Casebook”. That’s out of date, too.
    My writing is now mainly confined to preparing the podcast. With about 3,000 words per week that keeps me busy.
  • I currently have four hives and all made it through the winter. I hear that other beekeepers had serious losses this year, so I’m looking forward to a good honey crop.

    This video follows me through 2019 and shows you what to do - and what not to do.

    Videographer Richard Bray of Bray Studios won awards for this!

  • I have an allotment where I keep my bee hives.